Phimosis Stretcher Kit for curing tight foreskin - Phimostretch
Phimosis Stretcher Kit for curing tight foreskin - Phimostretch
Phimosis Stretcher Kit for curing tight foreskin - Phimostretch
Phimosis Stretcher Kit for curing tight foreskin - Phimostretch
Phimosis Stretcher Kit for curing tight foreskin - Phimostretch
Phimosis Stretcher Kit for curing tight foreskin - Phimostretch

Phimosis Stretcher Kit for curing tight foreskin

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✔️ OPTIMIZED ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The kit includes 20 rings that have been designed specifically for gentle foreskin stretching. All of the rings have double rounded flares on the edges that make sure the ring is comfortable to put on and wear for reasonable periods of time.

✔️ CHART YOUR PROGRESS- We have labelled each ring size in mms so that you can chart your progress easily. The smallest ring diameter is 3 millimeters (mms) and the largest size is 38 mms. You know you are progressing if you keep moving up ring sizes.

✔️OUR QUALITY- Our Foreskin stretching kit is made from platinum cured medical grade silicone which is very soft and comfortable on the skin. The rings are without any additives and are injection molded to precise sizes.

✔️COMFORTABLE RING SIZE INCREMENTS- The ring diameter increment from one ring to the next has been well thought out, to make it as comfortable to move up to the next ring size as possible. This guarantees no difficulty with progressing further to the next ring when the foreskin loosens up enough with a certain ring size.

✔️ OPTIMUM WALL THICKNESS- The wall thickness of the rings vary depending on the diameter and we considered thickness as a factor to make sure the rings are sturdy but soft to wear.

✔️DISCREET PACKAGING - The packaging is discreet with no logos or descriptions, in order to protect your privacy. Even if someone else receives the product on your behalf, we guarantee you that they will not be able to understand what the product is about. We understand that some people would like to keep this as private as possible.

✔️LIFETIME WARRANTY -We also provide lifetime warranty which means if you lose or break something, we ll send you a replacement free of cost.

✔️ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- If the product doesn't work out for you for some reason, or if you are unhappy with it, we will give a full refund asap..No questions asked.

✔️ FAST AND FREE SHIPPING- We ship worldwide and shipping is free for everyone no matter where you are located. All orders have tracking provided. For customers in US and India, you should receive the product within 5 business days of placing the order. For rest of the countries, please allow 2 weeks time to receive the kit.

It is possible that you may have very recently found out that your foreskin does not retract fully as it normally should.

Or you may have known this for a while but you have resigned yourself to this current fate.

You may have even concluded that circumcision is the only option left for you now. 

After all, millions of men are circumcised and they do just fine without a foreskin. So, why can't you? Are you sure about that though?

Do you know that there are also millions of circumcised men who actually regret not having a foreskin? 

Yes, thats right. In fact some of them have even spent hours upon hours every day on foreskin restoration.

So, let us ask you again then.

Are you absolutely sure that you want to go ahead with such a big decision as circumcision? 

A decision so big and somewhat risky that it may alter the rest of your life? Your sexual happiness?

Are you even aware of some of the risks that circumcision could entail, especially for adult men?

Yes, circumcision can most definitely alter your penile sensitivity to some degree since you would remove the most sensitive part of the penis, the foreskin. It can also cause erectile dysfunction issues in some cases.

And you most certainly will NOT be able to experience the pleasurable sensations that you would feel when your foreskin glides back and forth over your glans.

We are not trying to convince you one way or another (Well, may be we are). We are just trying to convey something simple.

Why not give stretching through the Phimostretch rings a try? Why not put in a small amount of time and effort on this? Do you think it is not worth it to know how it really feels like to have a normal functioning foreskin?

We understand that you are unable to have that normal experience because of phimosis.

We totally understand.

But you need to understand also that it is most likely TEMPORARY in your case.

With Circumcision, the absence of foreskin will be PERMANENT. It is a sledgehammer approach to your problem that should only be a last resort if everything else fails. There is no going back (Unless you want to waste years working on foreskin restoration after circumcision).

With that said let us ask you this question just one last time.

Do you think it is not worth it at all to invest just a little bit of time every day on your foreskin stretching?

Don't you think that is worth it?

Don't you think it is worth finding out whether YOU can also experience the same sensations that an uncircumcised male with a normal foreskin does, during intercourse?

We suspect that you already know the answer to those questions.

And as if that was not enough, let us make this easier for you.

Lets say you have bought our Phimostretch phimosis kit and you have been using it for a while but you didn't see any results or you are not satisfied with it, then all you have to do is email us at for a full refund and we will refund you, in full, that very same day. No questions asked.

Yes, we are that confident in the science of foreskin stretching though our Phimostretch kit.

If you didn't already know after reading this, hopefully you understand now that phimosis is a fully curable condition and can be cured with consistent stretching of the tight foreskin.

All you need to do is apply consistent stretching on the phimotic band diameter.  Here is a picture of the  phimotic band, which in a normal foreskin, is just referred to as ridged band or preputial band-

This is the band that is restricting your foreskin from retracting fully.

 If you stretch this band consistently enough, you will find that over time you can keep increasing the circumference and surface area (Skin expansion through mitosis) of the phimotic ring.

After using a certain ring size for a while, you ll find that your foreskin will become loose enough for you to move to the next bigger ring size.

In this way, you can keep loosening up your foreskin and move on to bigger rings. And you follow the same process with the new ring size.

Just make sure to buy a good lubricant such as  Organic Coconut Oil  to use along with the Phimostretch rings. That is all you will ever need to resolve phimosis, other than some patience and consistency with using these rings.

Once you reach a stage where can retract your foreskin back and forth fully while penis is erect, then you would have fully cured your phimosis.

We have designed this kit keeping you in mind.

Even if you have very severe phimosis (with the exception of pinhole phimosis), you can still start with this kit and work your way up.

And with consistent stretching, you should be able to keep moving up larger ring sizes.

You just need the following before you start stretching with Phimostretch rings-

  • A bit of discipline with stretching every day.
  • A healthy foreskin before you start stretching.
  • Organic coconut oil for application on glans and foreskin (Acts as a lubricant).
  • And some patience and common sense.

Can you do that? If so, this will work out for you.

We assure you and we are very confident in our product because this has worked out for thousands of other men who were in the same place as you when they first started stretching.

Your foreskin is important for your optimum sexual health and you should give your 200% to make sure it reaches its normal functionality and potential.

If you also have short frenulum, please makes sure to do frenulum stretching exercises too as shown below-

If you have had sexual intercourse with tight foreskin, then you would probably know that it is uncomfortable as glans is sensitive and it can be painful too because your foreskin is not able to retract fully. Apart from that, it can also lead to erection issues as a person with phimosis can’t experience the sensations that a gliding motion of foreskin over the glans produces. So, make sure to work on your glans sensitivity as well while you continue the stretching process.

The solution to the problem of phimosis is in YOUR hands.

DO NOT go for surgery like some others on the internet may be suggesting. Circumcision carries with it other issues that you may not be aware of.

You ll come across millions of people who are unhappy that they are circumcised and they wished they had foreskin and its ridged band which has unique nerve endings and is the most sensitive part of your penis alongside frenulum.


Do not be disheartened if you have tight foreskin or phimosis. Look for solutions and there surely is one here readily available.

Hundreds of people every month are able to cure their phimosis fully using the principle of foreskin stretching with Phimostretch kit.

There is no reason that you cannot do the same.

All the time and financial investment that you put into your phimosis treatment will be worth it.

Your sexual happiness and satisfaction depends on you taking action.

The more you delay it, the less happier you will be.

You owe it to yourself to improve the chances of your sexual happiness.

We wish you all the success.