FAQ - Phimostretch rings.

1.What is Phimosis ?

    Phimosis is a condition observed in some uncircumcised males where the foreskin does not fully retract over the glans, when compared to a normal penis foreskin. In a normal healthy penis, you should be able to retract your foreskin fully, even when erect.

    2. Can Phimosis be fully cured?

    The answer is an emphatic yes. This is not the answer that urologists will give you when you go to them for consultation. 99 times out of 100, they would recommend circumcision as the solution to treat it. This could be because either there is lack of knowledge or information on this, or because the surgery is lucrative for doctors. (Disclaimer- We are not discouraging you to go to a urologist for consultation. We totally recommend that you go for a consultation to a doctor or urologist. Even though we consider ourselves experts in this field, the advice that we give should not be substituted for a doctor’s advice and consultation.). Statistically speaking, stretching can cure phimosis in 98% of the cases. So, it has a very high success rate.

    3.What is phimotic band/ring?

    In phimosis, the term phimotic band/ring is commonly used. It is important that you understand what this term means as you won’t be able to use this product properly without a good understanding of phimotic ring/band. A phimotic band/ring is essentially the “circle” in your foreskin that is preventing full retraction of the foreskin. In other words, it is the smallest circle/opening on the foreskin. The Phimostretch rings is basically stretching your phimotic band slowly. This is the band that under which you fit in the Phimostretch ring.

    4.What is the smallest and largest ring size on the Phimostretch rings kit?

    The smallest size is 3 mm and largest size is 38 mm. There are 20 rings in total included in the kit. The rings increase in size either by 1 mm or 2 mm (depending on the size o the ring).

    5. What is the material used for the Phimostretch rings?

    The rings are made of platinum cured medical grade silicone which is the purest form of silicone used for high precision applications.

    6.  Which ring size should I start with?

    Try retracting your foreskin and see how much you can retract. Based on your visual observations, at first, choose a size that you feel can fit in the opening of the phimotic band/ring. Try checking out our “How to use” page on detailed instructions for this.

    7. When should I move up to the next ring size?

    Once you start to notice that the ring size that you are currently wearing falls off regularly, even over the rims, that means it is time for you to move up to the next rim. Please read our “How to use” section for more details.

    8. Should I use a lubricant before putting the Phimostretch ring on?

    Yes. Do not put on the rings unless you have the phimotic band, glans and foreskin lubricated. This ensures that the process of putting the rings on will be smoother and it will eliminate the inflammation that could be caused on an unlubricated penis.

    9. What lubricant should I use before putting Phimostretch rings on?

    We highly recommend that you use “100% organic extra virgin coconut oil”. Coconut oil is a powerhouse lubricant. It has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. It is also very comfortable for the skin and doesn’t irritate it. There is a school of thought that fungus can also play a role in phimosis. Using coconut oil will speed up your stretching considerably.

    10. Do you recommend any other topical applications for faster results?

    There is a prescription topical cream “Betamathesone” that you can get through prescription from urologist, which loosens the foreskin/phimotic ring up. Our recommendation is that in general, you should not need it, and it adds other complexities that may be unnecessary. In our opinion, all that you ll need to cure phimosis is coconut oil and Phimostretch rings, and then some patience and persistence.

    11. Is the packaging discreet?

    Yes, we do not put any brands or logo on the envelope or the packets as we realize that this is something that you may want to keep discreet.

    12. What are the shipping times?

    We offer 100% free shipping worldwide. Within US, generally you will receive the product within 5 business days of placing the order. For shipping outside of the US, it generally takes 14 days.

    13. What if I am not satisfied with the product?

    If the product doesn’t work for you, or if you are not happy with it, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.