How to Use Phimostretch rings to cure phimosis (With Illustrations)

Phimostretch rings kit consists of 20 Medical Grade Silicone rings that have optimum wall thickness to make sure that it is easy to wear but it doesn’t compromise on sturdiness, to facilitate gentle consistent stretching of the phimotic band.

The packet with the rings that you will receive will be a discreet package that will not have any brand labels. Once you open it, you will find rings labeled with different sizes.

Choose the appropriate ring based on the level of tightness that you have with your foreskin. You may need to retract your foreskin over the glans a little to get an idea of how much your foreskin can be pulled back.

Then start with appropriate ring size. If your chosen ring size is less than 24 mm, then it is small enough for you to wear your ring using the first method that we are going to describe below. If your chosen ring size is more than 24 mm, then you will most likely need to use method 2 that will be described below as well. Method 2 will require you to fold the ring before putting it beneath the foreskin and then gently releasing it. Keep in mind that 24 mm is just a rough estimate, and for each individual, the number may be different.

Here are the two methods described in detail-

Method 1-

This method is for smaller to medium-sized rings, generally in the range of 24 mm or less. It may be a smaller range for people whose glans width/diameter is smaller. It may be bigger for people with wider girth. So, 24 mm is not a strict rule but it may vary from person to person. However, we have found that 24 mm is about the range for most people.

So, start by retracting your foreskin a little bit over the glans and try to figure out how much it can be retracted without pain. Based on visually seeing the opening on the foreskin once retracted, choose the appropriate ring size.

Curing phimosis

Start by choosing a smaller ring size and putting it on first. Now, how do you put on the ring using this method?

First, please make sure to put in some coconut oil or castor oil on the foreskin and the glans opening. You can use other lubricants of your choice but we recommend using either of these two oils as they are highly versatile. The oil should lubricate both the foreskin and the glans. If you are using coconut oil, make sure to use “organic extra virgin coconut oil”. Pure coconut oil has anti-fungal properties and is highly beneficial for foreskin health.

(Optional but you may also want to apply coconut oil over the outer diameter of the Phimostretch ring before putting it on.)

The next step is to push back and retract the foreskin over the glans a little bit. Now press the ring against the glans and try to fit the ring within the phimotic ring of the foreskin, such that the phimotic ring is fitting right over the Phimostretch ring outer diameter.

If the ring that you chose is smaller than what you need, you will find that the Phimostretch ring will keep coming off easily. This is a sign that you willl need to use one size bigger.

For example, if you use ring size 22 mm but find out that it is coming off, then you will need to go one size higher which is a 24 mm ring. The right size ring should fit within the phimotic band to provide a gentle stretch.

Note- If you are feeling pain, chances are you have chosen a ring size which is larger than currently needed. In that case, you will need to use a ring which is one size smaller.

Side note, you can use method 1 for larger rings as well (Greater than 25 mm) by pressing and putting on the Phimostretch ring against an erect penis glans.

Method 2-

The second method is for larger rings (Greater than 26 mms on average) since, after a certain point, you will no longer be able to wear Phimostretch rings by using method 1 as the Phimostretch rings start being bigger than the girth. This means you can no longer put the phimotic band/ring over the Phimostretch ring by just pressing it against the glans.

In this case, the only option (aside from using method 1 on an erect penis) would be to fold the ring, then place it in the middle of the phimotic band  and then slowly release it as shown here-

How to wear Phimostretch rings for phimosis and foreskin stretching

You should be careful in making sure that the ring size you choose is comfortable to wear. We would recommend going one size smaller when trying this method first. Once you are comfortable with this method of putting the ring on over the phimotic band/ring, only then you should consider putting on the appropriate ring size.

Make sure to have lubrication done with coconut oil for this method as well.

How long should you wear the phimostretch ring?

It depends. We would suggest wearing the ring for 30 minutes to 1 hour in the beginning. For a size that you are comfortable with and that you have been wearing for some time, you can wear it for longer periods. You do not need to take out the rings for urination. (Once you take off the ring, please make sure to wash it with soap. Do not apply soap while using it.). If you are going to wear it during sleep, make sure to wear a ring size that is smaller and that your foreskin is well used to. (DO NOT WEAR A NEW RING WHILE SLEEPING). In general, we avoid recommending people wear rings during sleep. However, each person’s case is different. Some people find that it is much more convenient to wear a ring during sleep, and then take it out in the morning.

The general strategy should be to wear a new ring size only for a small amount of time while the smaller size ring can be worn for a longer period.

How do you know when to move to the next size ring?

You will start to notice that the ring starts to fall off after a few days or weeks. This indicates foreskin band has now become loose enough and even the rims of the ring can’t keep it from falling off.

This is good news. This means that you are making progress and it is time to move to the next ring size. Start wearing the next ring size for only a small duration of time in the beginning (30 mins or less every day), and then gradually, once your foreskin gets used to the size, the duration can be increased.

Please note that you need to allow time for the skin to heal and new cells to develop. You should never feel pain while wearing the rings as that is a bad sign. It is a sign that your phimotic band is getting inflamed. In that case, you need to stop wearing it for 3 to 5 days so that your foreskin can heal fully. If it doesn't heal within a few days, try using a Clotrimazole anti-fungal cream.

What if the next ring size is too tight?

Remember that your current ring should fall by itself regularly before you decide to put on the next ring size. If you are following this piece of advice, your next ring size should just be the right size that you will be able to put it on without any issues.

However, in very rare cases, you may find that you are having difficulty in putting on the next ring size but your current ring size is too loose. If you are noticing this, there is another solution.

You can replicate an intermediate ring size by inserting a smaller ring inside the current ring size that you are currently using. 

Phimosis stretching using double rings

In the above illustration, you will notice that there is a smaller ring inserted inside another ring. For example, if you are finding that your 20 mm ring is too loose (loose  enough that it is slipping out all the time) but the next ring size 22 mm is being too tight for you, you can replicate a 21 mm ring by inserting a 14 mm size ring inside a 20 mm size ring. Some other such combination examples are shown in the table below.

Bigger ring size (in mm) Smaller ring size (in mm)
38 32
36 28/30
34 28
30 24
24 20
20 14
18 14
14 10


We would like to point out that it is going to be very rare where you can not put on a bigger ring if your current size ring is loose enough. Chances are that if you are unable to move on to the bigger ring size, your current ring is still snug and tight enough that it is providing sufficient stretch to your phimotic band. In most cases, users want to rush to the next ring size and they end up hurting their foreskin by  using a bigger ring. You should avoid that.

You should familiarize yourself with the process of phimosis stretching well enough so that you don’t cause any inflammation or scarring of the phimotic band as that will be counterproductive and will be a setback to your progress.

Please understand that this is a process that will require consistency, discipline and a lot of patience. This is a long game. Do not expect to cure phimosis in a blink of an eye. It may take months or even a year to cure fully, depending on which stage of phimosis you are in.

However, just the fact that you are moving up ring sizes consistently should give you enough reason to persist with the phimosis stretching process.