Should you really have surgery or circumcision if you have phimosis?

There is a lot of misinformation regarding phimosis in general, but especially online. Most doctors just want you to believe that the only solution is to get a surgery or circumcision.

Yes, Circumcision will work 100% most of the time to solve your phimosis because that would mean removing your foreskin. If there is no foreskin, there is no phimosis.

Problem solved. Easy. Fast. But at what cost?

Please understand that once your foreskin is removed, it is forever removed. You will never get it back. You will never in future be able to experience sex with a foreskin.

Now, some people will not have any problem with that. More power to them. In that case, we don’t have anything else to persuade them otherwise. In fact in some cultures, circumcision is very common, especially and mostly in childhood, at a very young age. However, not many people or adults would go for circumcision after the age of 20. There is a lesson in there.

A lot of people who are circumcised will never be able to experience the extra pleasure that a penis with a foreskin can provide. There is extra sensitivity provided by the gliding action of foreskin over the glans which a circumcised individual will never experience. The frenulum of the penis which is the most sensitive and pleasurable part adds cherry to the top. This will also be something that a circumcised individual will never experience.

And this is why it is worth it to leave circumcision as only the extreme last resort when everything else fails. Please keep in mind that phimosis or the problem of tight foreskin is treatable in 99 % of the cases. The odds of you being able to treat yourself at home with foreskin stretching is extremely really good. It is also cost effective as you get to save money on circumcision. Data suggests that circumcision itself has its own complications and in one third of individuals suffer some sort of complications after surgery. Your sex life will also be affected, and there is a decent chance there may be erectile dysfunction and sensitivity issues post -surgery.

We are not trying to scare you off circumcision (We probably are ;)) but we do want to emphasize the stakes that you are playing with. It is mind boggling and sometimes frustrating to hear that people aren’t willing to set aside a small amount of time and effort to stretch their foreskin and see the progress by themselves.

Why is it asking too much to at least consider using our Phimostretch rings to see if you can loosen up your foreskin? There is different sizes for different stages of phimosis.

You would be surprised by how ecstatic you will feel when you move up a ring size. Just the sheer fact of seeing progress with your own eyes will triple your resolve to completely cure it.

Believe it or not, there are people who actually use steel tunnel rings to expand holes in their ears because they think it looks cool and trendy. They aren’t even doing it for necessity, and yet they have to spend much more effort to see size increases than you will ever have to for your foreskin size increases since foreskin is much easier to stretch and expand than skin in the ear.

Lets say you are really lazy. Well you don’t even need to use your fingers to stretch. All you need to do is put on the right size rings for a little bit of time and then take it off. Do it every single day or every other day. Soon, you can go up a ring size. Even putting it on and taking it off is easy. Thats all the “work” and “effort” you need to do from your side. The rings will do the stretching. This is curing phimosis on easy mode.

We hope that we have convinced you to at least postpone the idea of circumcision or surgery if you were seriously considering it and give foreskin stretching with Phimostretch a try.