How can I cure Phimosis by stretching?

Phimosis is a completely curable condition and can be 100% cured with consistent stretching of the foreskin.

All you need to do is apply consistent stretching on the phimotic band diameter. If you don’t know what a phimotic band is, here is a picture to explain it-

This is the band that is restricting your foreskin from retracting fully.

So, if you stretch this band consistently, over time you can keep enlarging the diameter of the phimotic band until you can retract your foreskin fully.

If you can retract your foreskin back and forth fully when penis is erect, then you have completely cured phimosis.

Your progress will depend on how severe is your phimosis currently and what methods do you use for foreskin stretching.

You can use your fingers every day to stretch as shown below-

The drawbacks of stretching with fingers only is that it may take a while before you see progress.

And you have to manually do this exercise everyday, preferably in the warm shower, while taking bath.

You also need to be very consistent. If you are lazy with this, you ll not see improvements.

If you want faster progress though, and if you want to track your progress as well, the best way to get consistent foreskin stretching is through Phimosis stretcher rings kit as shown below-


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These are different size rings that you can fit into your phimotic band for periodic stretching.

Use the right size as shown below-

Phimosis Stretching Rings Kit for tight foreskin treatment

After using a certain ring size for a while, you ll find that your foreskin will become loose enough for you to move to the next bigger ring.

In this way, you can keep loosening up your foreskin and move to bigger rings.

Make sure to always use 100% pure coconut oil and apply it on your glans and foreskin before putting on these rings.

If you also have short frenulum, please makes sure to do frenulum stretching exercises too as shown below-

If you have had sexual intercourse with tight foreskin, then you would probably know that it is uncomfortable as glans is sensitive and it can be painful too because your foreskin is not able to retract fully. Apart from that, it can also lead to erection issues as a person with phimosis can’t experience the sensations that a gliding motion of foreskin over the glans produces.

However, the solution is in your hands.

And it is fully curable.

DO NOT go for surgery like the others here are suggesting. Circumcision carries with it other issues that you may not be aware of.

You ll come across millions of people who are unhappy that they are circumcised and they wished they had foreskin.


The bottomline is that you should not be disheartened at all if you have tight foreskin or phimosis.

Thousands of people every year are able to cure their phimosis fully using foreskin stretching.

There is no reason that you cannot do the same.

All the time and financial investment that you put into your phimosis treatment will be worth it.

Your sexual happiness and satisfaction depends on you taking action.

The more you delay it, the more unhappy you ll be.

You owe it to yourself to improve the chances of your sexual happiness.

We wish you luck.