6 real world Examples similar to phimosis stretching -Phimostretch

Stretching the tight ridged band of your foreskin works on the principle of tissue expansion. Did you know that phimosis stretching takes its inspiration from other real world examples of skin and , in general, tissue stretching techniques?

Here are six examples that have a lot in common with the phimosis stretching process-

1. Ear Stretching/ Jewelry

The closest analogy that one can think of when it comes to phimosis stretching is probably ear stretching.

Here is how the process works.

  • Get a small ear piercing done through piercing guns or other means. This hole is really small in size. If you don’t wear any ear jewelry on this piercing, the hole will automatically close over time.
  • Once the piercings are done and it’s allowed to heal, stainless steel tapers (conical rods)  can be used to enlarge these holes through stretching.The stretching process with ear piercings is substantially slower than the phimosis stretching process as skin in the ear lobes are much thicker and hence needs more time and stimulation to stretch, as well as to heal.
  • Different sized plugs are available to put inside the healed ear piercing, and to prevent the piercing hole from shrinking. Generally 5 mm is the point of no return for most people after which the ear holes won’t automatically shrink or close off. The process usually takes almost a year to move from a small piercing to around 6mm hole size.


In the West, wearing plugs or flesh tunnels on a stretched earlobe is part of body modification and body jewellery niche where it is seen as trendy in terms of fashion; something unique because it stands out. However, body jewellery on stretched earlobe has also historically been a ritual in some old African, Asian and latin American tribes.

The oldest mummy found, in fact, had  stretched ear lobes. Well known personalities such as King Tutankhamen and Gautam Buddha also had stretched earlobes and wore ear jewellery.

2. Neck rings

In some ancient Asian and African tribes and early European cultures like celts, women would wear neck rings as part of their traditional fashion or even as a status symbol for wealth. Since it is inherent in their tradition, they start this at a young age, preferably before puberty, and wear it permanently.

These neck rings are coils and the idea is that you continue adding new coils as you get older. This does result in an appearance of an elongated neck however most of the effect of the rings is on the clavicle, collarbone area and upper ribs which is lowered further down. The neck is also significantly weakened by this.

3. Lip plates

If you have ever watched the movie Black Panther, you know what I am talking about. There is a tribe in that movie that wears lip plates! Lip plates or lip discs are another form of body modification that was practiced in the old African tribes as part of their tradition.

How does the process work?

A piercing is first made on the lower lip, and then it is expanded using lip plates. As the size of the piercings grow, bigger lip plates are used to keep stretching them.

I am not sure why someone should do that and some of the pictures may look gross but it is important to see that the same principle of skin tissue expansion can be used in different parts of your body.

4. Foreskin restoration

A lot of circumcised men are unhappy with the lack of their foreskin. In most cases, men get circumcised early in their life, due to cultural reasons. For example, an overwhelming number of men in United States are circumcised. In Islamic countries, the percentage of circumcised men is even more.

However, as these men find out later in life that sometimes, circumcision causes other issues such as lack of sensitivity and pleasure, erectile dysfunction and an overall dissatisfaction with their sex lives.

Hence, there is a big community of men who are actively working on restoring their foreskin. The process works by applying gentle consistent stretching on the foreskin through a device.

The process takes years in most cases to grow the foreskin back and requires focus, discipline and consistency with stretching.

However, even when the foreskin grows back fully, it still differs from an uncut normal foreskin in one respect. Since the ridged band, which connects the outer foreskin surface and the inner foreskin surface, has been removed during circumcision, it cannot be grown back. So, even though the foreskin can grow back fully, it is still not as optimal and pleasurable as a normal foreskin that has the ridged band which has so many sensitive nerve endings.

5. Ilizarov Apparatus for leg bone lengthening

Can you get taller as an adult? Conventional answer is obviously “no”. But there is actually a bone lengthening surgery for legs that can add a few inches to your height. And it is quite popular in countries like China where an average person is shorter than their western counterparts.This process is not without its risks as scientists point out that it can weaken your legs long term.

The process involves using a device called Ilizarov Apparatus that is attached to the bone through surgery and it provides consistent mechanical stretch to the calf/leg bones.

As you know by now, any tissue that goes through consistent but gentle mechanical stretch, goes through expansion and mitosis to increase in surface area as new tissues form. Same happens with the bone tissues as well. However, the bone tissues are not as pliable as skin tissues for expansion and differentiation. Hence, the process is slower than other examples. Hence it may take months to add a few inches in height. But it actually works and it finds its uses not only in cosmetic lengthening procedures but in other limb correction procedures including in case of fractures.

6. Penis extension

The name says it all! Penis comes in all shapes and sizes. Most guys think they are average or below average. Most guys are wrong. The average penis size is around 5.4 inches based on several studies conducted.

Most guys are however dissatisfied with their penis length or girth or both. So some men do embark on penis extension journey. There are several penis extenders available in the market and some are quite popular and effective.

Penis extenders work by stretching the glans of the penis through clamps, and can be used daily for a few hours. Most people report some increase in girth and length in a few months  if they use the extenders consistently.

Which is the easiest of them all?

So now that you have seen these six examples (and there is many more) which utilize the principles of tissue expansion through gentle consistent stretching to get towards a certain goal, let us evaluate the relative difficulty levels of these stretching activities when compared to Phimosis stretching.

One of the most important factors in ascertaining the difficulty levels is certainly the amount of time it is going to take to reach from initial state to final desired state. Another factor should be the amount of effort needed. And finally, the amount of pain that the individual will need to go through in the process.

With the above criteria, it is safe to say that Phimosis stretching is by far the easiest of all of them, and it’s not even close.


The reason being that the ridged band skin tissue, otherwise known as phimotic band, is much more pliable to stretching when compared to other tissues in the above examples. Along with that the surface area of the band being stretched is tiny when compared to other examples.

The closest that comes to phimosis stretching in the above examples is ear stretching. And even then, ear stretching is an extremely tough task. It may take months before the person can move to the next size. After that, they need a month’s time for healing to complete before the ears can be stretched again.

In comparison, with phimosis stretching, you can expect to move to the next ring in a week weeks on average or even in a few days in some cases, assuming the foreskin is healthy.  

If others can do it, so can you

The bottomline is that even if you are lazy, and even if you don’t want to do any finger stretching or other exercises, you still have an extremely good chance of solving phimosis through Phimostretch rings as they work through passively stretching your ridged band.

The folks in the above examples managed to successfully stretch their skin to their desired goals despite the higher difficulty level, amount of time and effort needed to do so when compared to phimosis stretching. Surely, you can do too?

Your odds of solving the tight foreskin until its loose are much better than their odds of reaching their final desired state. The question is why some do some guys have so little patience for stretching?

Isn’t the effort worth it to keep your foreskin intact? Isn’t it worth it to experience the intercourse the way it is meant to be? We urge you to be patient and focus on stretching.

Life is long and if you have phimosis, you have had it for a while.Surely, you can wait a few more month? Most of our readers are very young. Circumcision can be done at any point in your life. There is no reason to be in such a hurry. If you have scheduled a surgery, cancel it. Give yourself a few months and you will be surprised how much you can progress.

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