Do you need to use cream for tight foreskin or phimosis?

This is a common question that people are always curious about when they have a tight foreskin.
Tight foreskin can be interpreted differently from person to person..
For example, for one individual, it may be difficult to freely retract the foreskin over the glans, even when penis is flaccid.
While for another individual, he can freely pull the foreskin back and forth over the glans, when flaccid. But on an erect penis, the foreskin doesn't retract fully, or back and forth freely.
The severity of the tight foreskin condition can vary quite a bit. And you would be surprised by how common the condition is.
So, before you decide how you can loosen up your tight foreskin, you really need to first self-evaluate which of the above scenario of foreskin tightness applies in your case.
Once that step is done, then you can move on to the next steps.
A common misconception by people with tight foreskin is that they can solve this miraculously by using a cream.
You can get some of them over the counter but steroid creams like betamethasone, cortisone etc are prescription only.
If you are thinking that, all you have to do is apply this foreskin cream, and then your foreskin tightness will be resolve in no time, then we are sorry to say that you ll be disappointed. 99.99% chances are that it is not going to work. Not only is it not going to work as a standalone solution but in most cases, this may wreck havoc on your penis glans and foreskin if you are not careful with the application of these creams.
Let us explain why that is the case. To complete understand this, you must understand how these steroid cream solutions work.
The betamethasone cream intended for curing phimosis work by by thinning the area of the skin where it is applied. In short these are skin thinners and work by damaging the tissues.
So, if you apply this kind of cream on foreskin (And you have to be extremely careful not to apply over the glans), all it is going to do is thin that section where it is applied.
However, just thinning the foreskin area is not going to sufficiently enlarge the phimotic band which is actually the bottleneck on why your foreskin is tight in the first place.
You also have to be extremely cautious of where you are applying this sort of steroid cream. If you apply it over the glans or areas outside of the phimotic band, the steroid cream will damage the tissues in those areas. This is counterproductive and should be avoided at all costs.
Long story short, the ROI or return on investment on a steroid cream is not worth it. Especially when used as a standalone solution.
You may ask why do doctors or urologists prescribe it in the first place as a standalone solution? (Even this is rare, since in most cases, they ll just tell you that circumcision is the only solution which is totally false).
The answer to this is a topic for another day. With regards to using cream as a standalone solution, if this is useless, then are the steroid creams of any use?
The answer to this is yes and no. We ll explain in which cases you can hope to use a cream.
However, as a general rule, we highly recommend you to NOT use cream when you are starting with your phimosis treatment.
Instead, solve your phimosis by using the same principles that are used in body jewelry to expand ear holes, or in some ancient African cultures, that use neck enlargement techniques.

In comparison to this, the phimotic ring expansion should be a piece of cake.
In other words just start with extremely versatile extra virgin 100% organic cold-pressed Coconut oil as the only lubricant. 
Phimosis progress with Fstretch rings
And use a gentle foreskin stretching device like ours (Phimostretch rings) to gradually enlarge your phimotic band. We would suggest to buy the Coconut oil linked below. 
(Click on the image or link to buy the coconut oil)
Now, let us clarify that steroid cream is not completely useless if used with consistent foreskin stretching techniques like Phimostretch ring.
In fact, they can speed up your progress from one ring to next. However, you have to really know what you are doing with that cream and be extremely cautious in applying that to your foreskin. This is why we recommend using these kind of creams as a last resort and ideally, to not use them altogether.
You have to understand that there is no magic pill like a cream to cure your phimosis. Just like getting in shape does not have a magic pill.
You have to do some work in terms of consistently using coconut oil and Phimostretch rings.
You may find however that curing tight foreskin issues is actually easier than getting in shape. You just have to be smart and persistent about it, and avoid going for magic pill solutions like Betamethasone creams as the only solution.