Are you finding about your tight foreskin for the first time?

"How do I make my foreskin roll back when my penis is erect"

You have been roaming around the internet asking this question. The uncertainty of how your foreskin may work may be bothering you. You may have been looking for answers everywhere but there s not many that can point you to the right direction.

I think most of the answers here may not be getting to the real root cause of your question.

Since you have asked this question, I think it may be fair to assume that you have never retracted your foreskin before.

One of the reasons for that could be that you may have just discovered that in a normal penis the foreskin retracts back and forth smoothly.

Or it may even be that you have had experience with retracting the foreskin before but only on the non-erect penis.

Where as you are not able to do so in the case of erect penis and are looking around for reasons for this.

It is very common that people discover such things by luck.

For example, some may discover this condition when they have sexual intercourse (without condom) and notice that they feel pain because their foreskin can’t retract fully and the glans is overly sensitive.

Yes, your Glans.  if you can’t retract your foreskin, your glans is also going to be sensitive which can also be painful and not pleasurable.

Well, I am here to tell you that this is actually a common problem among uncircumcised males.

And there is a medical term for this problem.

It is called phimosis.

Phimosis basically means that you have a tight foreskin, unlike the foreskin in normal uncircumcised males.

The reason you may have a tight foreskin is because your foreskin is being constricted by a tight band called phimotic band.

If you don’t know what a phimotic band is, here is a picture to explain it-

Phimosis Stretching

So, phimotic band is the bottleneck in the retraction.

This is only a part of the problem here. If you want to know what could be causing tight foreskin in your cases, the below article explains it-

Now, what is the solution? How do you solve tight foreskin or phimosis so that you can function normally?

The solution is actually pretty simple.

As I mentioned before, the phimotic band acts as your bottle-neck.

If you enlarge this phimotic band diameter over a period of time, the bottle-neck will be no more.

How do you enlarge the phimotic band diameter?

By the principle of stretching.

Thousands of people cure their phimosis every year by stretching their phimotic band.

You can do daily foreskin stretching using your fingers as shown below-

Phimosis stretching

Stretching with fingers while taking a warm bath is probably a good idea.

But you ll need to do this daily.

The drawback to just using this strategy is that it ll take quite a while before you ll see results, assuming that you are consistent every day with foreskin stretching exercise. Another drawback is that it is time-taking and labor intensive to do these stretches every day.

And most people cannot keep up with it.

But there is another solution to this.

You can use Foreskin stretcher rings as shown below to have consistent stretching on your phimotic band.

Phimosis Stretcher kit

The key with using these rings is that you can keep moving up ring sizes as your foreskin loosens up.

You have to make sure that you use organic coconut oil over glans and foreskin before putting the rings on. That ensures there is no scarring on the foreskin.

This method is much more convenient since you don’t have to use your fingers all the time to do the stretching.

Phimosis stretcher kit

One more thing I want to emphasize is that you should not listen to people who tell you to go for surgery straightaway.Circumcision should be the last resort for cases like these. Phimosis can be cured in almost all cases. Tens of thousands of people do it every year. Why can’t you? Circumcision itself carries some risks and there a millions of people around the globe who wished they had a foreskin.

Don’t throw away this gift just because you have a small problem.

Invest a small amount of time and money in curing this.

It will be worth it for your sexual well-being.

Good Luck.